How ALSAOC Got Involved in the LA Marathon

Thirty-seven year old Martin Mooney ALS patient

Thirty-seven year old Martin Mooney ALS patient

Last year's Marathoner Chris Mehess and his family

Last year's Marathoner Chris Mehess and his family

In November 1998 the television show “60 Minutes” featured a story on Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Dr. Kevorkian played a video tape of an “assisted suicide” of an ALS patient. Thirty-seven year old Martin Mooney, an ALS patient watched this episode and although facing many physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges wanted to make a statement that his life and others living with ALS was worth living. A team of friends and family were assembled to roll Martin thru the 26.2 miles of The Los Angeles Marathon in March of 1999. Martin did the marathon again in March of 2000 and died shortly thereafter in April at the age of 40. Since that time we have continued this legacy of hope and courage by our continued participation in The Los Angeles Marathon with other Marathoners we raise awareness and create lasting memories. 


Last year's Marathoner Chris Mehess and his family participated in our 18th appearance in the LA Marathon. Thanks to the help and donations of our supporters, we were able to raise $119,000.00 that was sent directly to research. This year, we are excited to continue with our legacy of hope and courage as we get ready to raise awareness and get ready for the 2017 LA Marathon with our featured Marathoner Eryn Blythe.

Past patient participants

  • 1999 Martin Mooney*
  • 2000 Martin Mooney*
  • 2001 Peter Salinas* & Karen Brumbaugh*
  •  2002 Mary Kay Fry *
  • 2003 Kyle Thompson
  • 2004 Patti Parillo *
  • 2005 Roy Mytinger *
  • 2006 Scott Morris *
  • 2007 John Plunkett *
  • 2008 Marce Pasternak *
  • 2009 Megan Mishork *
  • 2010 Christopher Pickens*
  • 2011 Tom Masters*
  • 2012 Dean Zarkos*
  • 2013 Sandra Kyung Lee*
  • 2014 Jodi Oliver*
  • 2015 Michael Motherway* & Mark Hume
  • 2016 Chris Mehess

*Although these marathoners have completed the race of life, they are forever remembered.

Thank you to last year's supporters and sponsors - for reaching our goal!


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